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Awa Jaz

“We’re totally in love with this young performer” 


        Awa is a Canadian violinist and singer. Beginning her studies of classical violin at six years old, she later discovered the vast field improvisation. Since then, her career has focused on the study of jazz music. In addition to her educational endeavors, she has participated in numerous workshops in America and Europe, music and art festivals around the world, recorded for multiple musical projects, and created live music for theater and circus. She also has received training in circus art and body expression.


        Throughout her career, Awa has built up an impressive and diverse professional resume. Through this work, her passion for music has been strengthened and nurtured. Her improvisations reflect her inner, emotional life as well as her external life experiences and, through her music, she hopes to convey feelings, stories, and emotions. Her music has been especially colored by the global nature of her career. The experience of traveling to more than forty countries has presented her with the opportunity to play with musicians with different backgrounds and to have their sounds and voices influence her work. 


        The most gratifying part of her passion for music is the brightness she sees in the eyes of those who are able to feel her music at her concerts. The ability to deeply connect with the audience through her melodies is a cherished gift that she aspires and plans to carry with her through her musical life.




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